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Pet-quality kitten is often incorrect in color or decoration, and therefore unsuitable for breeding and / or showing. Nothing, however, does not diminish the great value in a captivating and a wonderful, full member of the family.

Show-neuter kitten has the characteristics suitable for use in shows. Show-neuters are sold primarily at the catshow interested buyers.

Breeding kittens are sold to registered and reputable breeder. The agreement will be made for breeding in kitten.

• Kittens are sold to permanent, loving, new homes no earlier than 12 weeks of age.
• They are then vaccinated twice, dewormed and checked by a vet
• All kittens are registered Cat Association (SRK), and they are released with a register book.
• Kittens comes with written, feeding and care instructions. + kitten package which included the familiar food.
• Kitten purchase contract is concluded Cat Association a formal agreement.

• Kitten purchase will be carefully considered and it should be committed, that's why we use a reservation fee. I do not book without the kittens that we have reviewed the first side of the otherwise interested with the kitten. Reservation fee is 200 euros, (pet kittens) payable in a binding reservation. Booking fee is not refundable if the reservation is canceled by the Booker!
• Kittens comes with one-year "warranty", if the kitten die of a genetic illness within one year from date of purchase, is replaced by a cat doctor's certificate is primarily responsible for a spectacular level of the purchase price or returned without cost.
• We will not sell hire.
• A cat can not be sold / given away without first contacting the breeder.
• Cats are sold and only indorcats !

What do ragdoll kittens usually cost?:

  • Breed Cats pay as much as breeddogs. Beloved little furry purchase should think carefully and be prepared for the fact that it's not free.

  • If you want to think about the pricing policy more widely, it is worth listing a few things. Breeding cat purchase, insurance, our breeding, feeding and FELVit and FIVit, HCM and microchip:t, vaccinations and veterinary checks, kitten food, kitten vaccinations, veterinary checks, cat litter, ... the list could go on forever.

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