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 N*Aakres RagPride Sandra JW


                  Rag a 03

            Blue bicoloursandra_5_months_2.jpg


Dad: N*Aakres RagPride

Hugin the Hero, Rag a 03

Mom: N*Aakres RagPride Elektra It Is

Rag n 03

DOB: 17.3.2011


              13 x BIV

              13 x BIS  NOM

             8 x BEST IN SHOW

             2 x BEST OF BEST

            JUNIOR WINNER 25.9.2011                         BEST YOUNG IN FINLAND 2011 !!!!!

Sandra is my prinsess from Norway :)

Sandra has just wonderfull character. She is very playful and adapted to our family soon, taking her place in our hearts. Sandra comes into our arms, and loves to snuggle in your lap and she purrs all the time.

This girl love´s to eat, and she has grown so fast.  She has become quite big and so wonderfull:)  Sandra´s weight at 3 years is 5,7 kg.

Sandra has a nice blue eyes and a beautiful head and ears settled in well. The coat is gorgeous. Our entire family is absolutely in love with this beautiful  girl:)

Thank you Kelly for this princess !!!!


Photos of Sandra                                        Pedigree



S*Angelicdolls SuperGirl


           Rag a 03               

       Blue bicolour

Dad: S*Angelicdolls Superman Junior

           Rag a 03

Mom: S*Angelicdolls Jessica Alba

            Rag n 03

DOB: 28.3.2014


Supergirl came to us from Sweden from the well-known breeder Bella Vancor.

Super Girl is beautiful and her personality is pure gold.

She has a silky coat, a beautiful dark blue color of the eyes, head and ears just like it should be in a ragdoll. Size of this girl is big and the food tastes at all times.

She loves to be in our lap and so quickly got used to us. As if she had always been here.

This beauty, we will visit the exhibitions and as an adult, she is certainly a big and important part of our breeding.

Bella big thank you for your confidence and for this beauty!

       Photos of Super                                                  Pedigree of Super



S*Angelicdolls Royal Princess 

           "Princess" prinsessa.jpg

             Rag n 04               

          Seal mitted

Dad:  S*Angelicdolls Royal Junior

            Rag a 04

Mom: CA*Chatandolls Pretty

             Rag n 04

DOB: 23.4.2014


The Princess came to us from Sweden Bella Vancor.

Royal Princess aka Princess is indeed worthy of the name. Princess melted my heart as soon as I got her in my arms for the first time. This girl has something really wonderful and rare, which I can not even say.

Princess is the world's sweetest brown mitted girl with a tiny blaze on her forehead. Little lady is always there where is the rest of the family. She talks a lot, following us to everywhere at alltimes.

Princess delights to be held, and often curl up under your arm or into the arms forsleep. She purs constantly, and has already charmed all who have met her.

With the princess, we will visit the exhibitions and in the coming years she is part of the breeding.

Heartfelt thanks to Bella!

                                      Photos of Princess                                 Pedigree of Princess



FI*Dolldesire´s Elena


            Rag a 03                    

        Blue bicolourelena_9_months_5.jpg

Dad: USA*Soulmates Desires First Choice

Rag a 03

Mom: FI*Wattuwarpaan Laszkert Sanelma

Rag a 03

DOB: 13.4.2013


Elena is from beautiful Sanelmas second litter. Elena has the same essence of a charm than her mother.

Elena has beautiful eyes, gorgeous silky coat, and she needs a lot of affection and love.

Elena is very dear to us and important for several reasons. Fortunately, Elena lives with very dear friends with Smoothie along with Destiny, and in Lahti, where she is very much loved.

Elena will make us a few litters in the coming years.

Thank you Susanna <3


Elenas photos                                                   Elenas pedigree


FI* Dolldesire's Hope


             Rag a 04

         Blue mitted

Dad: CAN* Darlinlildols Mighty Treasure

Rag n 

Mom: CH N* Aakres RagPride Sandra JW

Rag a 03

DOB: 2.5.2014

Hope is from our own breeding and she just had to stay with us

Hope is really kind and loving. She always comes next to us and purrs very much. 

Hope's coat is silky soft. Her eyes are very dark blue just like her dad's and the shape of them is very beutiful. Her tail is very long and furry <3

We love this beautiful girl so much <3

                                                          Pictures of Hope                                    Pedigree



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