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S* Gunbertus Snapshots


        Rag a 03 21 Mhw

      Blue tabbybicolour

Dad: USA* RockCreek Viking the Warrior

Rag a 03 21

Mom: S* Gunbertus Ella Rae

Rag a 03 21

DOB: 25.3.2015

This boy of dreams came to us from Sweden. I have no words to say how lovely he is. 

Snapshot has a strong body. Eyes are amazingly dark blue. Head is wide, ears are amazingly settled and cheeks are fully. Coat is silky soft. 

Snapshot's personality is like gold. He's so calm, sweet teddy bear who loves to be near people. He loves playing and laying, but more than that this boy loves cuddles and food because this boy loves to eat. 

Snapshot is very first our tabby. We are very excited to wait how he is going to grow up and he will sure be a huge part of our breeding in the future.

Thank you Ulla and Annelie for this amazing boy that we can love every day <3

Pictures of Snapshot                                                Snapshot's pedigree



CAN*Darlinlildolls Valiant Warrior


                       Rag n 03

                   Seal bicolour

Dad: CAN* Darlinlildols Maverick

Rag n 04

Mom: CAN* Darlinlildols Skyler

Rag n 03

DOB: 4.8.2014

This cute boy came to us from Canada. :)

Valle is really a playful, social and is always there where is happening. When he gets excited of playing he moves around with speed of light.

Valle has a really beautiful head, good profile, and beautiful blue eyes. Valle's coat is silky soft and the tail is kilometres long and very furry. Valle´s pattern is also very beautiful.

Valle charmed the whole family when he was a little boy and still does. Valle is so kind, loving and a friend to everybody and we love him very much <3

                                                    Photos of Valle                                         Valle's pedigree


CAN*Darlinlildolls Mighty Treasure


                         Rag nmanu_25_years_4.jpg

               Seal Colourpoint

Dad: USA*Soulmates Joe, Rag a 04

Mom: CAN*Darlinlildolls Blueberry, Rag n


DOB: 20.1.2012

Show: Champion


This wonderfull male came to us from Canada :)

Manu is a very social boy, and he is involved in everything at home . He purrs constantly and he talks a lot ! Manu is my husbands best friend. They will do everything together.
Manu has DEEP DEEP blue eyes and beautiful silky coat. Position of the head and ears, gorgeous!

Manu has grown into a fantastic male and he is a very important part of our breeding
.                    He really is a dream come true for us.
Thank you very much Gail for this wonderful boy.

Photos of Manu                                         Pedigree


N*Dixie Dolls Smooth Smurf

              "Smoothie"  smurdffi.jpg

                Rag a 03

           Blue bicolour

Dad: N*Dixie Dolls Dazzling Sparrow

Rag n 03

Mom: S*Gunbertus Eloa Enejie

Rag a 03

DOB: 16.12.2013


This boy charmed us from the first moment. Smoothie is very confident and loves people.

Smoothie or a little Smurf as we call him, is a dream come true for us.
Smurf arrived from Norway from a good friend. Already on the first day he showed us his great character and we could not help but fall in love with him.

Smoothie is really handsome and promising of the head and ears, place and format. Pattern is infinitely beautiful. Coat delicate silky. Smoothie lives in a fosterhome with my good friend in Lahti, together two of our girls Destiny and Elena. Thank you, Susanna, once again, a great  home for  our Smurf.

A big thank you to Kristin <3

Smoothies photos                                     Smoothies pedigree


  FI*Dolldesire´s Fizz            

              Rag afizz_55_months_.jpg

    Blue colourpoint


Dad: CAN*Darlinlildolls Mighty Treasure

Rag n

Mom: FI*Wattuwarpaan Laszwil Herttinen

Rag a 04

DOB: 7.8.2013

Show: Champion

Fizz .... very dear to us <3

Fizz is a GREAT male!

One of the biggest that have ever born here. Fizz is just the kind of guy I've always dreamed of. A fantastic addition is his sizebut also his nature is something so incredible that there are no words enough to tell. So gentle and lovable.
He is a true lion king  because his paws are a splendid large and heavy.

Fizz has done magnificently at shows, the number of times Best in Variety and Nominated for the best.

Fizz is a blue colorpoint and he has inherited from his father Manu a great dark-blue eye color, and from her mother Hertta a beautiful facial features.

Fizz brother Frodo lives in Norway, and has also done so well at shows Nominated for Best and Best In Show, as well as the most recent he was Best of the Best.

Fizz is living in Nina's loving care in Vantaa, Finland, and this boy is going to be big part of the breeding in the coming years. Thank you Nina <3

Fizz photos                                                                Fizz pedigree